Pinterest Recipes!

Today was definitely an experimental eating day for me. I’ve been accumulating beautiful recipes on Pinterest  and I decided to try two out: one for breakfast and one for dinner.

In the morning, I made this Green Monster Smoothie.

It doesn’t look very green, but it has one cup of spinach in it. You can’t taste the spinach, though. The smoothie tastes fruity, fresh, and light. I did take me a really long time to make it in our blender… I had to keep stirring it to get the ice blended.

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with Yogi tea. At night, I like to sip on Peach DeTox. During the day, I like to drink the Green Tea Kombucha.  It’s by far my favorite green tea.

I also tried drinking apple cider vinegar for the first time. You’re supposed to dilute 2 T of the apple cider vinegar in 8 oz of water, but I diluted it in about 16 oz. That was probably a mistake because drinking apple cider vinegar is probably like ripping off a band-aid… the faster, the better.

For dinner, I made a chickpea curry from I love the recipes on here because they are easy & illustrated!

… and the final result…

The dish was creamy, sweet, and filling.  I wasn’t crazy about the yogurt taste but it was easy to make and still tasted pretty good.


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